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Though SoMa is known as a pedestrian’s paradise, vehicular visitors have no cause for worry – parking is a breeze. Metered street parking from 12th to Daisy Gatson Bates (14th) streets is free after 6 p.m. and on weekends. Street parking is always free from Daisy Gatson Bates south, and several businesses have complimentary parking lots, as well.

Traveling by oversize van, RV or bus? No worries there, either. ESSE Purse Museum and South on Main restaurant offer free bus parking – just call ahead to make arrangements.

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If biking is your vehicular pleasure, SoMa is right up your alley! With dedicated bike lanes, natural speed-reduction measures, and frequently placed, sturdy bike racks that are literal works of art, all you need to do is your own lock so safely navigate SoMa and its offerings on two wheels.

SoMa is an easy connection to the Arkansas River Trail, too, for energetic riders, and shopping or dining in your bike shorts is A-OK in our eclectic, easy-going area.