SOMA 501

SoMa 501 (formerly Southside Main Street Project, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing economic development, public relations, historic integrity and quality of life for the citizens of the neighborhood.

As an accredited Main Street America program, we work with our local businesses, government partners, and other stakeholders to deliver events, improvement projects, and programming for the benefit of everyone that visits our stretch of Main Street.


SUPPORT our work

Your financial support means so much to our section of Main Street. Because of your generosity, we can offer community-centered events, sponsor programming for elementary students, improve our landscape, and attract customers to our local businesses.

 By investing in SoMa 501, you help drive customers to local businesses. Every dollar spent locally keeps $0.48 in our economy compared to only $0.136 in chain retailers.

Get involved

 Join us! You can become a SoMa 501 board member, a committee member, or volunteer at our events. Contact us to get started.

 If you want to learn more about SoMa, joining a committee is a great way to dive in. In addition to various event committees, we also have:

  • Design — tasked to celebrate historic character, foster accessible public spaces, and create an inviting, inclusive atmosphere,

  • Promotion — tasked to market our neighborhood’s defining assets, communicate its features through storytelling, and supporting a buy-local experience,

  • Economic vitality — tasked to build a diverse economic base, catalyze smart new investment, and cultivate a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem; and,

  • Organization — tasked to ensure broad community engagement, forge partnerships across sectors, and to build leadership and strong organizational capacity.

Board of Directors

  • Lindsey Boerner - President

  • Brett Budolfson - Vice President

  • Annabelle Rector - Treasurer

  • Hillis Schild - Secretary

  • Aaron Bell

  • Devin Hancock

  • Zack Huffman

  • Justin Hurty

  • Lara Kahler

Executive Director

  • Nate Kennedy