Sculpture Garden Pic.jpg

The Bernice Sculpture Garden

From a very basic beginning to the flurry of wonderment it is today, The Bernice Garden has blossomed into the heart of SoMa – and into the hearts of all who live and work nearby. A modern-day “Mary, Mary, quite contrary,” owner/developer Anita Davis never wavered in her commitment to create a sustainable, earth-friendly gathering place of a garden, one of quirky beauty, in an unlikely spot at the corner of Daisy Gatson Bates and Main. Her instincts proved right; she built it and people come, by the busloads, at times.

Part Arkansas-hardy plants, flowers, and trees, part unusual to unbelievable sculptures and benches, part pavilion made from reused, recycled, and sustainable materials, the garden is all work of heart. SoMans adore it. Visitors marvel. And all find something to make them smile.

The garden is open 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily unless rented for private use.